19 January 2020
An update from The Trustees of the Theosophical Society in Scotland Charity with regard to the proposed Depository and Library Facility

This update is to inform the Regional Association of the TS in Scotland and all other interested parties that the nominated contractor appointed by the Trustees took over the site called 15 Cumberland Street Lane S.E. on the 6th January 2020 with a presumed completion date of 14th August 2020.  For those with little knowledge of the procedure, when the Contractor takes over the site, it is then in a sort of limbo land until the Contractor completes the project according to their legal obligation and then hands the site back to the owner via the Architect.

Susan Steven visited the site on Thursday the 16th January and noted that the site was secured from the lane and also from the rear of 28 Great King Street, which is now blocked off by a temporary wooden fence.  The final barrier between the two properties will be a stone rubble wall in keeping with the original walls of the period and in line with our planning permission from the Planning Department.

We envisage that it will take at the very least up until the end of 2020 to have the books brought to the new library and for them to be arranged appropriately. These are currently held in storage within a secure rented facility in the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh.

At present all of our 3030 books; 439 bound journals; 904 booklets and pamphlets have been catalogued. To date 330 unbound journals of an estimated total of 550 have been listed. These have all been recorded on Microsoft Excel with the view to this facilitating a seamless transfer onto a Microsoft Access database which can offer an interactive search facility on our future website. 

Our librarian will in the meantime continue to answer any enquiries regarding the books etc. in storage to the best of his ability.

Thereafter the Trustees along with the appointed Librarian will draw up a schedule of how the library will operate in line with the Charities Constitution.  The Regional Association of the TS in Scotland and all other interested parties will be kept updated as the work to build and the work to bring the Charitable Aims to fruition unfold.



Signed on behalf of the Trustees

Susan Steven

19th January 2020 

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